IPv4 auction versus IPv4 marketplace

What's the difference between an IPv4 auction and an IPv4 marketplace? Information, tips and insights on the IPv4 market.

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IPv4 auction versus marketplace

The IPv4 market is heated as a consequence of the lasting depletion of Internet Protocol version 4 addresses. While deployment of IPv6 remains a complex and time-consuming process, business need to focus on short-term solution to scale networks. As businesses aim to meet modern-day demands of ever-evolving technologies, it feels like IPv4 address space has become the new gold. Yet, places to obtain required IPv4 address space are limited; IPv4 auction or IPv4 marketplaces are your safest bets.

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What's the difference?

An IPv4 auction differs from an IPv4 marketplace in several ways. Pricing, ownership, transfer and more – a marketplace poses a rather safe alternative to an IPv4 auction. Find out why.


The most evident difference between an IPv4 auction and a marketplace is the presence or absence of negotiations on price. In IPv4 auctions, prices are not fixed. In IPv4 marketplaces, they are. When you partake in an IPv4 auction, the highest bidder obtains the IPv4 block against their offered price. When you turn towards an IPv4 marketplace to get your required IPv4 address space, prices are fixed and your buy is guaranteed. Negotiations are not part of the process.

Guaranteed buy

An IPv4 auction offers no guaranteed buy, whereas an IPv4 marketplace does. IPv4 auctions therefore reflect supply and demand to a much larger extent than marketplaces do – as prices fluctuate depending on auction offers. Obtaining your required IPv4 address space through an IPv4 marketplace offers the possibility of an instant buy. The blocks offered are for you to buy against a fixed price based on market trends.


In case of an IPv4 action, prices for IP blocks are negotiated based on a bidding process. Simply put: the highest bidder gains ownership over the offered IPv4 address space. In case of an IPv4 marketplace, blocks are offered against fixed prices. Buyers are able to select their required block and purchase instantly without any negotiations. Prices for IPv4 blocks acquired through auctions can therefore differ greatly depending on demand. Blocks bought via a marketplace are generally priced fairly and offer the benefit of a guaranteed buy and transfer.

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